Homeless Lady Gaga Fan

New version!


  1. This reminds me of that woman who sits outside of Hynes Convention Center T-stop with "Jeremy" (the other homeless person) and her sign proclaims her pregnancy, but every time I see her she's smoking cigarettes. Patrick said something to her the other day and her only response was "YEAH?! WELL I'M DOWN TO THREE A DAY!"…yeah right, if I walk by you twice in 6 hours and both times when I walk by you you just *happen* to be smoking a cigarette, that can't possibly be a coincidence that I happen to be there during 2 of your 3 cigarettes. Oh homeless people…


  2. Hahaha, thanks Manda! I love it! Maybe I'll do one in her honor soon!


  3. There's a remarkably skanky-looking one in Union Square who holds a sign saying she needs money to give up "prostitution."


  4. Yessss!!! Perhaps I'll incorporate that too!


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