Arielle Norman

One of my coolest friends said he calls me “the Wario version of Ellen.” One of my fans said I was more like Kate McKinnon doing an impersonation of Ellen. I also describe myself as South Park brought to life as a lesbian. I’ve travelled all over the country doing comedy festivals and indie shows. I host a show in Austin called Off Script, where the audience is encouraged and rewarded for heckling the comics. I’m a badass. I wasn’t always living this way, but I was always a badass on the inside.

16403089_1828138544129436_1906917403123780853_oAustin Smartt and I host a podcast together called Gender Fluids. She’s a trans chick and I’m some kind of gender non-conforming, masculine of center vagina person, and we talk about gender and sexuality. We’re gross and irreverent and not for the particularly triggerable. It’s guy talk, but from two gender weirdos instead of straight dudes. Unfortunately we are both white, but sometimes we have our main black friend on. Anyway, check it out if you’re into that kinda thing.

Why is my cartoon site called Autistic Integrity, you ask? For one thing, it’s a super cute pun. But also, I have a healthy dose of the asperger’s – just enough, in my opinion. You probably wouldn’t know it if you met me, though, as a lot of people have helped me learn to pass over the course of my life. Once I learned how to be fairly attractive, it was easy. Now, instead of people assuming I’m shy and socially retarded, they default to thinking I’m full of myself (which I also am, so, fair enough). Movin’ on up!

Among other comedy goals, I’d say I’ll have “made it” once I’ve befriended Kate McKinnon and Big Jay Oakerson and slept with Tove Lo at least once.

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