Arielle Norman

I’m an Austin comic, and I’ve performed in Boston and Cambridge, New York, Orlando, Durham, New Orleans, Seattle, and Dallas. I talk a lot about vaginas, lesbian stuff, racial tension, poop and pee, and other awkward sex things, but in clever and deceptively subversive ways. “Clean” material-wise, I recently wrote a great joke about my cat’s death that might work on a cruise ship or what have you. I have about six minutes of that type of shit. I’m working on it. I was raised Mormon in Houston.

IMG_8255 (1).jpg


Why is my cartoon site called Autistic Integrity, you ask? For one thing, it’s a super cute pun. But also, I have a healthy dose of the asperger’s – just enough, in my opinion. You probably wouldn’t know it if you met me, though, as a lot of people have helped me learn to pass over the course of my life. Once I learned how to be fairly attractive, it was easy. Now, instead of people assuming I’m shy and socially retarded, they default to thinking I’m a stuck up bitch. Movin’ on up!

My dream is that one day someone will write a blurb about me that goes a little somethin’ like this: “It’s as if Ellen DeGeneres and David Sedaris ever so improbably had a love child.”


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